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Cub Scouts! Do Your Best! Do Your Best!

Welcome to Cub Pack 528

In Cub Scouting, boys and their families have fun and adventure in a program that builds character and instills values. Cub Scouting embraces the values of citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, faith, health and fitness, honesty, perseverance, positive attitude, resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility. These values come to boys in all parts of the Cub Scout program – all while they’re having a great time with their friends and families.

We are part of the Hightower Trail District of the Atlanta Area Council  and we are sponsored by the University Heights United Methodist Church, in Decatur, Georgia.


Calling all upcoming 1st- 5th Graders and their parents who are interested in Cub Scouts! Email us at to get started!

Scouts get to wear a cool uniform, go to cool places, and learn amazing new skills. We play games, volunteer in the community, build Pinewood Derby cars, go camping, the list goes on and on.

We aim to help boys grow into citizens who are strong in character and personality. This is why we say that Cub Scouting is fun with a purpose.

We meet at University Heights United Methodist Church – 1267 Balsam Dr.- Decatur, GA 30033
(next to Laurel Ridge Elementary School). Our leaders are a seasoned bunch of experienced Scouters that love to have fun. The smiles you see on the Scouts faces say it all!


Interested in Scouting and have a few questions? Here are a few of our Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost?

Pack 528 charges $95.00 per year. This cost covers:

  • BSA Atlanta Area Council Registration fees
  • Boys Life Subscription
  • Handbooks
  • Advancement & Recognition awards
  • Activity Fees including Appletree campground fees
  • Pinewood Derby car kits & awards
  • Food & Beverage costs
  • Miscellaneous Supplies and Upgrades

There will be ancillary costs throughout the year based your son’s den specific outings and activities. In addition some Pack activities such as the Spring Big Trip are not included in the fees. Your personal camping equipment is not included. The Pack does not provide camping / outing equipment. If you have specific questions about this please contact us at

Where do we get uniforms?

Uniforms are available at the Atlanta Area Council Program Center’s Scout shop located at:
1800 Circle 75 Parkway SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

Expect to spend approximately $60.00-$70.00 for uniforms. The Pack does not require the purchase of
uniform shorts from the Scout Shop. You can buy dark blue shorts pants more cost effectively at local retail stores which will suffice.

How often do Cub Scouts meet?

Scouts meet typically every Thursday – three times per month for Den meetings and once a month for Pack meetings. Some Dens will meet less often or on different days depending on the activities.
All meetings are held at University Heights United Methodist Church unless otherwise notified by
Who will be my son’s leader?

Our leadership consists of parent volunteers. Each new scouting year, the 1st graders (Tigers) will need two of their parents to volunteer to lead that group. The 2nd-5th graders will be joining existing dens with established leaders unless there are so many new Scouts that a new den needs farming. In this case, like the Tigers, two new parent volunteer leaders must be identified. The Pack relies on parents Ike you to help us run the Dens and Pack, and to create a safe and fun organization for our sons. All leaders are required to take youth protection training and Cub Scout leader training specific to their Den.
How can I help?

The Pack always needs leaders and volunteers to help with every event. Parents are key to the success of our Pack. If you are interested in helping, please let us email us at



Sorry gang, my laptop couldn't wrap it's mind around the greatness that is the Annual Scout Day on the ATL Beltline. But that is no reason for you not to participate! Here is the info: Comment on this post if your like to go!

Join us as we ‘Deliver the Promise’ to our Cub and
Boy Scouts for the opportunity to participate in
our 2nd Annual Bike Day on the Atlanta Beltline!
This will be an exciting day for Scouts and their
families as we bike along the Beltline. The day will
include learning about bike safety , working on
your Cycling Beltloop, Pin, and Merit Badge, and
riding along the Beltline trail. Remember to bring
your bike and helmet in order to participate.
Please register online at http://
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By request, here are the lyrics to the Tigers Appletree song. From the book, Camp Out! by Lynn Brunelle.
Coming Of The Frogs (to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic")

1st verse:
Mine eyes have seen the horror
of the coming of the frogs.
They are sneaking through the swamps,
they are lurking under logs.
You can hear their mournful croaking
through the early morning fog.
The frogs keep hopping on.

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, croak, croak
(repeat three times)
The frogs keep hopping on.

2nd verse:
The frogs have grown in numbers,
and their croaking fills the air.
There's no place to escape to
'cause the frogs are everywhere.
They've eaten all the flies
and now they're hungry as a bear.
The frogs keep hopping on.

Repeat chorus

3rd verse:
I used to like the bullfrogs,
liked to feel their slimy skin.
Liked to put them in my teacher's desk
and take them home again.
Now they're knockin at the front door,
I can't let those frogs come in.
The frogs keep hopping on.

Repeat chorus

4th verse:
They have hopped into the living room
and headed down the hall.
They have trapped me in the corner
and my back's against the wall.
And when I open up my mouth
to give a desperate call,
This is all I heard:

Repeat chorus.
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The Habitat ReStore in McDonough has a large quantity of Coleman Sequoia Converta Cots new in packaging for $8. I personally slept on a cot like this at Appletree and it made a world of difference. It is light and easily portable. Is anyone with ans SUV or similar interested in collecting orders for these and making a trip to McDonough? These cots regularly retail for $35-$40. As of last week the store had 24 pallets of cots in stock. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cub Scout Pack 528 added 61 new photos to the album: Appletree 2015. ... See MoreSee Less

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